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  • Are the groups based on youth licence category?
    No, the groups are based on ability and race experience. The LYTL is not an open event, but a closed event. This is the reasoning behind the membership; this enables the league to have ability groups as per British Cycling track regulations. When entering you will be asked to choose which group you would like to ride in, although we may need to move you if required. You can also move groups if you feel like you have chosen the wrong one in the first weeks! If you're not sure what group to race in, please ask your club or BC coach for some advice! The groups are: Group 1 - Mostly Youth A Boys. Strong Youth B boys with race experience may also find this group appropriate. Junior women and Youth A girls may also choose to race in this group Group 2 - Mostly Youth B Boys. Youth A Boys who are new to track racing, and strong second year youth C riders may find this group appropriate. Group 3 - Mostly Youth C Riders. Youth B riders who are new to track racing may find this group appropriate. Group G - Youth A & B Girls. Strong Youth C Girls with race experience may find this group appropriate. Junior women (3rd or 4th cat only) may also choose to race in this group if desired.
  • How does the league work?
    The league is based on a rider accumulating points for each race. There will be multiple races for each group every league night. The points are award from 1st down to 8th (10,8,6,5,4,3,2 & 1 points). At the end of the series there will be a podium for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each group; the three with the highest points total. In the case of riders with equal points, we will work out the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. places gained from a rider in a race format to determine a finishing order.
  • I am struggling in my group. I am finding it difficult to hold a wheel and am getting dropped after a couple of laps.
    Don’t worry. If you are finding it difficult within your allotted group we can move you down a group. We want you to enjoy your racing and race within a bunch to develop your track craft.
  • When does sign-on open and close?
    Sign-on opens at 6.15pm on a race night. There is no set closure time for sign-on. We appreciate you may be travelling some way to the venue and traffic issues are hard to predict. If you are running late and can let us know we can hold your place for you if required!
  • My licence category changes from the 1st January, does this mean I can change my gearing within my current group?
    No, even though you may be in the next youth category as per your licence change from the 1st January, the group maximum gear will remain the same to the end of the series. This will ensure there is fairness across the series.
  • When do race entries open?
    Entries for league events will be open on the British Cycling website at least four weeks before race night. You can view the exact dates on our events page!
  • How do I join the league?
    To join the league you first need to join British Cycling and take out a race license; as well obtain indoor track accreditation. There are a number of routes you can gain your accreditation, such as at Lee Valley VeloPark, another indoor velodrome, or through British Cycling’s Go-Ride cluster sessions. Whilst many outdoor velodromes offer accreditation schemes, we require riders to have some experience of riding on an indoor velodrome before you can race in the league. Once you have these two items in place, you can join the league using the link here or via British Cycling’s website. You will not be able to access a race night until you have membership in place first.
  • I have entered a race night, when will I know if my race entry has been accepted?
    Entries are set to be accepted straight away, so you should receive an email from British Cycling confirming your entry a few minutes after you checkout on the BC website.
  • When will I know about what the race format is for the race night I have entered?
    We will issue a race programme on Monday or Tuesday before a race night, once entries have closed. There may be times, especially when organising a specials night, that we may need to issue out further instructions 24 hours before the event. We will endeavour to send out all information relating to a race night as quickly as possible.
  • What is the race format for the league?
    The majority of the races are endurance based, but we will try to include shorter distance formats to create a sprint type race. The key formats will be scratch, points race and elimination races.
  • Are there British Cycling points at the end of the league series to be added to my licence?
    No, there are no BC points as the event is a closed event.
  • What are bonus points within a race format?
    Bonus points are there to encourage you to be competitive within a race format. It might be that you have no league points, but this may be your chance to get some points on the board. It also provides those to close gaps on their nearest competitor within the league standings.
  • How do the race formats work?
    Scratch Race A scratch race is a simple race over a set number of laps, with the first rider over the line taking the win. Points Race A points race has a number of sprints throughout the race where the first four riders get 5, 3, 2 & 1 points respectively. Riders who gain a lap on the main bunch will get an extra 10 or 20 points, and riders who lose a lap on the main bunch will lose 10 or 20 points. At the end of the race, the rider with the most points is the winner. Elimination Race An elimination race, sometimes called 'Devil take the Hindmost' is a race where either every lap or every 2nd lap, the last rider over the line is eliminated. When a set number of riders remain (usually two) they sprint it out for the win. The eliminations are judged on the back of the back wheel - so make sure to keep sprinting until your back wheel has crossed the finish line! Win Out / Reverse Win Out In a win out or reverse win out, there are a set number of sprints throughout the race. In a win out, the first sprint is for 1st place, and in a reverse win out the first sprint will be the last place that gives league points. Once you win a sprint you leave the track. In a reverse win out, the sprint at the end of the race is for 1st place, but come second in that sprint and you get no league points at all - so it becomes an all or nothing gamble! Tempo Race A tempo race is like a points race, except there is a sprint every lap where only the winner gets 1pt. At the end of the race, the rider with the most points is the winner. Unknown Distance The unknown distance is like a scratch race, except the race distance is not known in advance. The commissaires will ring the bell at a random point to let the final sprint begin! SuperSprint Taken from the classic 6 day format, the SuperSprint combines the elimination and scratch races. There will be a set number of eliminations (usually 5) followed by a short sprint for all remaining riders to fight for the win.
  • How will I know if my gearing conforms to the maximum gear allowed for my group?
    Gear checks will take place during the sign-on process. You must present your bike to the official at gear checking. The official will tick you off as checked before racing commences. If you have not had your gear checked and you start racing, then you may be asked to leave the race to have your bike checked for conformity.
  • What are the gear restrictions for each group?
    For league events, the maximum gearing is per the group you are racing in, regardless of your British Cycling age category: Open Group 1 -> 6.93m Open Group 2 -> 6.45m Open Group 3 -> 6.05m Girl's/Women's Group -> 6.93m
  • Can I hire a track bike from Lee Valley Velopark to race on at the London Youth Track League?
    No, the venue will not permit their hire bikes to be used for racing. You must own or have access to your own track bike. Many clubs have access to equipment that they are happy to loan to members!
  • Am I at a disadvantage if I ride 6.45m gear instead of a 6.93m gear?
    No, the best advantage you can have is to practice increasing your cadence without your pedalling technique collapsing i.e. severe bouncing in saddle, not pedalling in circular motions, poor core stability. The gearing difference is immaterial. A youth rider should be able to increase their cadence to 150-200 RPM for at least 10 seconds plus from an average cadence of 100-120 RPM.
  • The gearing of my group states a maximum of 6.93m. Do I have to ride this gear or can I ride a lower gear, like 6.45m?
    Yes, you can ride a lower gear, but you may not exceed the maximum gearing for your group.
  • Does the league have its own rules regarding bike equipment, like deep section wheels?
    Yes! New in 2023/4, we are asking riders to not use disk wheels at league events. Deep section wheels may be used by riders in group 1/g only.
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