Update - 8th October 2021

Track league will be starting on Thursday 18th November. A bit later than in previous years but there is still time to get in some exciting racing before the end of March.


There is some catching up to be done regarding rider accreditations, so to accommodate this we have split the groups into two phases. The first two track race nights on 18th November and 16th December will be for Groups 1, 2 and Girls Group, primarily 13- 18-year-olds (Junior/U16/U14). The introduction of Group 4 (10–12-year-olds) will commence on 13th January 2022. This phased approach is reflected in the membership to LYTL. The events listed on British Cycling track event calendar will have an entry button for Junior/U16/U14 and one for U12. Just click onto your respective age group.


At the current time we have been informed by the velodrome that during each race night, the concourse will be open for parents to spectate in the lower tier of the velodrome. The café will also be open during the evening.


We will announce further details nearer the time of the first race night regarding entry to the facility and other pre-event information.


After the delay, it will be great to have you back for some racing action at Lee Valley Velopark velodrome. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Update - 14th November 2021

After a lengthy time out, we are back for a new track league series.


We have made a few improvements to how the track league operates pre and post racing. You will find below information relating to these improvements for each race night, how you will sign-on and track centre requirements.



Sign-on has become automated and will be in the form of you connecting to a QR code that will be available on the glass barrier to your left at the top of the stairs leading into the ‘D’ area.

When you download the QR Code using your mobile device, it will take you to a form where you will enter your full name, bib number, and allocated group.

Once you click submit, the details will be uploaded to our cloud services and record that you are present to race.


The QR code for sign-on will change for each race night.


You will be allowed to enter track centre from 6.15pm to set up and get yourself ready to race.

We understand that traffic conditions can dictate late arrival, but racing will start promptly at 7pm when the sign on will close.  


All riders will need to be booked onto the British Cycling event portal before they arrive on race nights, as there will be no entry on the line.  Any payments that have been rejected will need to be sorted out before the event as there will be no payments on the night.


Bib Numbers

You will be allocated a unique bib number and group, which can be found  HERE . This information will also be available in the track centre on Thursday evening next to the QR code sign in. 

Your bib number will not change for each race night you enter.  Please ensure that you are using the correct bib number to the information submitted on the QR form.

Your bib number will be located on a table at the top of the stairs when you enter track centre. They will be laid out in numerical order.


The bib number sets are disposable for use on the night. For each race night you will be provided with another set of numbers, but as mentioned above, your actual number will not change.  We have done this rather than a re-usable number as we have found that riders forget to either leave them at the end of the night or bring them for each race night.


Technical Regulations

Technical regulations relating to race equipment still apply for the event series. For further information regarding bikes and clothing, please see Track - Technical Regulations on British Cycling’s website.

The only change to the British Cycling’s Technical Regulations in relation to gearing is that each group will have a maximum gear permitted when rolled out.


The gearing for each group is as follows:

Group 1 – 6.93m

Group 2 – 6.45m

Girls Group – 6.93m

Group 4 – 6.05m


The maximum gear permitted for each group will not change during the series, even if your BC licence category changes on 1st January or you are in a higher licence category to start with i.e., Junior.


If you are in a group where the maximum gear of that group is 6.93m, and you are finding hard to maintain good pedalling technique, then you can drop down a gear to help your progression.

Gear checks will be conducted before and during the event. Please make sure you have the correct gear before coming to a race night.

Track Centre

During the racing parents will not be allowed in track centre.

As part of our risk assessment and to meet the venue’s Covid risk assessment requirements, we must keep people to a minimum within the ‘D’ in track centre during racing.


Parents will be allowed to spectate in the lower tier of the back straight in the velodrome (south concourse). We have also been told that the café will be open for refreshments.


Parents will be permitted to help their child with their race equipment before and after the event in and out of track centre but please vacate the area as quickly as possible.


It would be very much appreciated if you can respect this decision. The Covid virus is still prevalent.


Covid-19 Symptoms or Positive Test Result

If you entered a race night and you then have Covid symptoms or a positive test, please do not come to the event. Contact us and we will arrange to move you to the next available date in the series, after your isolation period.


Event Parking

Payment at the car park machines will not give access to special rates on race night and normal charges would apply. 


Please follow the details below for the LVV parking arrangement for race nights.



Special parking arrangements will only be available during track league events and the venue will not be able to assist with any PCN raised because of user error.


Instructions are HERE  for parents and spectators to make payment which can only be made by ‘Pay by phone’, website or the app (not at reception as the venue is now cashless) and you must use the ‘site code - 806595’ as stated in the instructions. DO NOT use the site code stated on the car park signs or car park machines outside the venue.


Riders/parents have the choice of:

  • get up to 4 hours free by entering car registrations correctly into a ParkingEye terminal within the venue


  • purchase up to 6 hours via the ‘Pay by phone’ instructions attached at a cost of £2.50.


If purchasing the total of 6 hours, parents will not have to enter their details within a venue ParkingEye terminal as well. However, you must do one or the other as fines will be incurred.


If after using the venue’s ParkingEye terminal you feel that you will go over the four hours free parking you can then follow these ‘pay by phone’ instructions to obtain the additional two hours, giving up to 6 hours on entering the car park.


Payment for total stay can be made at any time until midnight on the day of parking.


The car park will close 15 minutes after the venue closes.


Update - 20th September 2021

We are planning to run another series of the track league this coming winter. 

We are still finalising details and we will be making further announcements soon regarding booking onto the league.

As you can appreciate, we have had to look at the way we deliver the event, whilst still going through a pandemic. This series will be the first since lock-down back in March 2020, so there's some catching up to be done.

We are also finalising details on the open event (The Accumulator) we are planning to run on 28th December 2021. Updates will be posted soon.