Q: I have entered a race night, when will I know if my race entry has been accepted?
A: Race entries will be processed the Sunday before a race night. The London Youth Track League does have a closing date on British Cycling’s event calendar of Tuesday, one day before a race night. This enables those who may have forgotten to enter the opportunity to enter late, but there are no guarantees of the entry being accepted. Late entries will depend on the amount of entries processed on the Sunday and whether the group has reached its track limit of 28.

Q: My race entry has been accepted, but I have just found out that I have a school event or I have come down with a bad cold.
A: If you can let the event organiser know by 5pm on the Wednesday before a race night (24 hours), then we will reimburse your race entry fee. After this we start to process race participants, which include race insurance etc. and therefore cannot guarantee a race entry fee being reimbursed.

Please bear in mind that as soon as you let us know, then we may be able to fill the place, if there is a reserve list.

Q: Does the league have its own rules regarding bike equipment, like deep section wheels.
A: Apart from the maximum gearing for each LYTL group (see above); the rules for bike equipment are governed by British Cycling technical regulations. You must make yourself familiar with these rules i.e. deep section wheels for licence category. A Commissaire may ask you to remove a piece of bike equipment from your bike if it does not conform to the regulations.

Please note:bike equipment includes British Cycling’s technical regulation regarding clothing for cycle sport racing. 

Q: When do race entries open?
A: Race entries for the next race night will open on the Friday at 9am after the previous race night.


Q: What is the race format for the league?
A: the majority of the races are endurance based, but we will try to include shorter distance formats to create a sprint type race. The key formats will be scratch, points race and eliminator.

Q: What happens if my race entry is not accepted during the Sunday race entry processing?
A: If your race entry has been declined, then this means we have reached the track limit for your group. We will however place you on a reserve list and/or ensure that when you enter the next race night your entry is accepted as priority. We have never had to decline a race entry to date, but the league is growing in popularity.

Q: When will I know about what the race format is for the race night I have entered?
A: We will issue a race programme no later than Monday before a race night. There may be times, especially when organising a specials night, that we may need to issue out further instructions 24 hours before the event. We will endeavour to send out all information relating to a race night as quickly as possible.

Q: When is payment taken from my account for a race entry?
A: Payment is only taken once an entry has been accepted, which will be during the Sunday processing, three days before the event.

Q: How do I join the league?
A: To join the league you must first have a British Cycling race licence. You must also have track accreditation. There are a number of routes you can gain your accreditation. This could be through another indoor velodrome, Lee Valley Velopark, or through British Cycling’s Go-Ride cluster sessions.

Once you have these two items in place, you can join the league using a link on LYTL web page or via British Cycling’s website.  The London Youth Track League has a profile page on British Cycling’s website with a link to membership. You will not be able to access a race night until you have membership in place first.

Q: How does the league work?
A: The league is based on a rider accumulating points for each race. There are four races per group on a race night. The points are awarded from 1st down to 6th (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points). At the end of the series there will be a podium for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each group; the three with the highest points total. In the case of riders with equal points, we will work out the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. places gained from a rider in a race format to determine a finishing order.

We also have a gold leader’s jersey for each group. We will present the current leader with the jersey before racing commences on each race night.

Q: When does sign-on open and close?
A: Sign-on opens at 6.15pm on a race night. There is no set closure time for sign-on. We appreciate you may be travelling some way to the venue and traffic issues are hard to predict.

If you are running late, please contact the sign-on desk on 07852 996 750 who will ensure that your place is not taken by a reserve rider. If you do not let the sign-on desk know by 7pm we will offer the place to a reserve rider if we are oversubscribed for that group.

Q: Can I hire a track bike from Lee Valley Velopark to race on at the London Youth Track League?
A: No, the venue will not permit their hire bikes to be used for racing. You must own or have access to your own track bike.